6 Tips to get the most out of your new dental website

Have you started redesigning your new website and want to know what the best practices are?

Last week we discussed the reasons to revamp or redesign your website, but before moving forward, you should know what the best practices are so you can follow them and get the most out of your new website.

In this video, we go over 6 tips to follow to make sure you are getting the most out of your website. Our tips are based on differentiating your practice through your website. All these best-practices tips can be easily applied to your own new dental website.

Here are three out of the six tips I go over in today’s video:

  • [1:09] Using stock photography vs. using your own photos: learn what’s the optimal usage ratio of each on your website, and how to best combine these.
  • [2:23] Make use of a ‘Book an Appointment’ button: learn what are the places where you should be ideally placing a book an appointment button on your website, to maximize clicks, and of course, get more patients to request appointments with you.
  • [2:53]: Make your website mobile optimized: in today’s digital era, this is an absolute must. If your current website is not mobile optimized yet, that’s a clear red flag that you need to redesign a new website. Learn why ensuring your website is mobile optimized is important.

Make sure to view the entire video to learn all 6 best practices. Click here to view now!

Our goal is to help you get moving in the right direction so that your dental practice can be successful in its digital marketing efforts.

-Nathalia Porras, MBA
Founder of NP Marketing

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