How to create a content marketing strategy

Content marketing seems to have been the talk of the town for marketers in 2015. With the term “Content is King” being thrown right, left and center (what isn’t mentioned often enough is that distribution of content is Queen!). However, the question remains, do small businesses know how to strategically create a content marketing strategy that will reap results? And is there a manual for small businesses to take advantage of content marketing?

Truth be told, the process of creating a content marketing strategy is not a linear one. And two companies might go about it completely differently. But there is a common foundation that should be used to build on.  Here’s a guideline that contains key insights into what content marketing is (and what it is not), how it can benefit a brand, suggested steps and KPI’s to follow and some digital distribution platforms to consider.

“A well crafted content marketing strategy helps businesses to become discoverable, to create a loyal following, to establish a clear brand positioning and to generate leads among other benefits.”-Nathalia Porras

This presentation is one of others to come that will provide any marketer, entrepreneur or business owner with tools to get started with a content marketing strategy.

How to create a content marketing strategy

  • How to create a Content Marketing Strategy

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