Every well-executed plan has first started out with a well-developed and finely-tuned marketing strategy. We don’t believe in jumping into tactics without prior knowledge of the market, identification of a clear target audience, a rounded communication plan and a roadmap, amongst other.

Our team acts as Marketing consultants, project managers, creative directors and analytical gurus to work alongside you or your team.

We will create a unique strategy for your brand that lays the foundation for an implementable action plan, including best practices and tailored roadmaps, to reach your audience and keep them engaged.


We pride ourselves on:


Our professionalism

We have our client’s best interest at heart (Just like you have your patients health). We don’t stop until the job gets done, and it has to get done in the best way possible.


Being highly adaptable

We’ve worked with all-size firms, from small to medium size businesses, national healthcare organizations to global brands on strategies.


Stepping in your shoes

We work very closely with our clients to truly understand their goals and challenges. We believe each client is unique and we treat each one as such.

Our Digital Strategies

The onset of a mandate always starts with a strategic plan that lays the foundation for the campaigns and tactics to be implemented.

We create a marketing strategy that is focused on growth, based on your brand’s vision, target audience and business goals.

Our starting point is data analysis and a comprehensive environmental landscape study of where your brand stands.

Our one-on-one sessions are great coaching opportunities that will pinpoint inefficiencies, inject creative solutions and provide strategic guidance.

The process of putting together a strategy looks something like this


Digital Marketing Audit

We take a look at what you’ve been doing and answer all the following questions. Have your actions justified the ROI? Is there room for improvement? Can we identify winning and losing tactics?

Competitive &
benchmarking analysis

While conducting this step we will look at the competitive environment, and will identify any gaps or opportunities. We’ll gather information on similar product, brands & companies


Building a marketing strategy, detailed tactics, and a digital roadmap.

Where the fun begins... we draw from our analyses and provide recommendations with clear steps to turn into an action plan.

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