Tutorial: how to use Facebook & Instagram Live for dentists?

Should you be using Facebook or Instagram live to promote your practice? What gear to use? and how to record a live video from your phone?

These are all questions we often get from our clients.

Our simple answer is yes, you should be using Facebook or Instagram live, at least once or twice a month. The reason is simple! Videos are doing better than ever on social networks so it is always good to have video content on your platforms. The other reason we recommend Live videos is because it allows you, the doctor, to be seen as more natural and spontaneous, and as a result, more likeable and relatable to the patient.

To learn more about Live videos, how to create them, and what gear you should use, watch this video!

In this video you will learn:

  1. How to film live videos from your phone
  2. Pro-tips to make the most out of your live videos
  3. The best gear to use during a Facebook or Instagram live

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