How to reach prospective patients via marketing: The stages of a patient’s journey

“Am I using the right tactics at the right moment to attract more prospective dental patients?” -That’s the question we address today.

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More and more dental clinics are recognizing the importance of having different marketing strategies to help reach prospective patients at the right moment.

The patient journey in dental marketing refers to the patient’s path, via touchpoints, to their decision to purchase a service (aka. book an appointment and ultimately accept treatment).

You might be wondering, what are the stages in the patient journey and what are the touchpoints I should be implementing?

In marketing, consumers don’t usually decide to purchase an item immediately after finding out about it for the first time. Usually, it takes numerous encounters (or strategic touchpoints) with the product/service or brand for a person to convert into a customer. The same applies to dental patients!

In this video, I go over the 5 stages of a patient’s journey as well as the various tactics or touchpoints that you could have, and I explain how these stages will help you reach prospective patients.

Have you just started with aligning your website, social media channels, online patient reviews, and Google Analytics?

If so, then you’ll really benefit from using our FREE guide to social media for dental clinics.

We’ve taken many of the tactics we’ve used with our own dental clients and have compiled this detailed guide for you, where you will learn about:

  1. How to decide which social media platforms are right for your practice.
  2. Why Google My Business is so important to set up properly
  3. How to plan your content & what your social media policy should include
  4. How to analyze your effort and how to measure the ROI of your social media marketing
4-step guide to social media for dental practices

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