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NP Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency that focuses largely on representing brands online via customized strategies and creative campaigns. We believe that having an active online presence that aligns with the brand’s core values is an effective way to support marketing efforts for a brand. We also believe that the creation, management, curation and publishing of creative content on social media channels can deliver a return on investment and increased profits.

Our Services

social media management

Managing your social media channels, from content creation, scheduling, publishing, and community management. We take care of your social channels for you. +

online advertising

Ever hear of ‘pay to play?’ Well that’s the name of the game on social right now. We craft online ads for you to enlarge your online community, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your landing pages. +


We will create a unique strategy for your brand that lays the foundation for an implementable action plan, including best practices and tailored roadmaps, to reach your audience and keep them engaged.  +

email marketing

Spam is dead (thankfully!); smart e-newsletters are now the way to reach your audience directly. We design and manage your e-newsletter campaigns, allowing you to share blog posts, promotions, sales, and the important items your audience cares about. +

Our Work

From product launches and rebrandings to email marketing and multi-channel ad campaigns, we’ve implemented our integrated digital marketing strategies across consultation mandates. By working together, we provide our clients with personalized solutions to meet their digital marketing and social media goals.

Some of our clients:


What our clients are saying

  • Nathalia and her team were able to come up with a tailored strategy for my brand new endodontic clinic and implement it within no time. They re-organized my website and social media activities as well as created an e-newsletter for referring dentists. I quickly saw tangible results as they used creativity and marketing skills to grow our reach and engagement while always representing our brand values fully. I often receive many positive feedback from patients, other colleagues, professors, and mentors in the dental field about the work that is being done and my presence online.
    Dr. Chafic Safi- Endodontist Centre Endodontique Saint Laurent
  • Their transparency and attention to details propels our image on social media to the next level. The team is diligent, communicative and highly capable of producing original, clever and meaningful posts every day on various social media channels. It’s a pleasure working with such an efficient team.

    Desideria Mastriaco – Marketing & Communications Manager Toon Boom Animation
  • When we met with Nathalia Porras Marketing, we immediately felt confident that she “got us". She was respectful of our vision and worked with us to ensure that our presence on social media truly reflected who we were, what our image was in our business and what we wanted to highlight. They are creative, innovative, punctual, efficient and always respectful. Several patients and colleagues have commented on how they like our presence online and are impressed with how it is managed and presented.

    Dr. Claudia Giambattistini TGO Orthodontics
  • We chose Nathalia Porras Marketing because of their familiarity with the dental field. Knowing Nathalia Porras personally through McGill gave us the confidence that we would work well together. Nathalia and her team are always very cheerful when they come over to the office to deal with our staff. Because of their knowledge, we now have a great social media presence. We would highly recommend their services to any dental offices who are looking to do the same.

    Dr. Antony Turcotte and Dr. Taras Konanec Drummond Dental Group
  • From the very first lecture in 2016  that I attended with Nathalia and her team presented at the Seaforth Oral Surgery center for Continuing Education, I knew that I needed her on my team at TGO Orthodontics.  NP Marketing has helped us become visible and make our mark in social media, they have mapped out a plan to reach our clientele and at the same time has given us a great perspective as to where we are situated in our field.  I truly recommend her expertise and professionalism.

    Rosa Pasquantonio - Office Manager TGO Orthodontics

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