Visual Content

Our goal is to make sure your business stands out online, and we do that by providing the best creative solutions to match your brand’s strategy.


Make use of professional photography to capture a unique image and brand that you want your clinic to portray. You can use the photography on your website, social media channels, practice brochure and more.

Our photoshoots start off by understanding how the photos will be used, whether for general re-branding, a new website or to create a bank of images for social media. Our team then puts together a detailed shot list for the photoshoot; which ensures we get all the shots we need and that we don’t go over the time allotted for each photoshoot session.


“A higher educated patient is more likely to accept treatment”

Video has become one of the strongest mediums to communicate a message, share a story, and to educate. Simply said, a video can transcend message like no other medium can.

Our services include


Patient testimonies


Treatment explanatory video


Pre and post-surgery instructional videos


Practice videos


New Patient experience videos

Dental practices can make use of video at various stages of the patient journey:

Our video process includes creation of a script in conjunction with the dental practice, storyboarding, filming of the video and editing and finally distributing the video online.

Creating a well-produced video can evoke emotions in patients that can really help connect with them in a way like no other.

Logo & brand identity creation

Your clinic’s brand identity is more than just a font or a slogan tied together. It's what your patients will come to recognize as your visual identity, your signature, your stamp. And It  starts with reflecting your clinic’s brand personality in a creative form

We create stand-out logos that are accompanied by a brand style guide.

We create stand-out logos that are accompanied by a brand style guide. Your brand style guide will ensure a brand consistency along all forms of marketing  and communication assets

Your brand identity can include


Official logo with logo kit

(files of different web and print formats)


Official brand guide

(Fonts, colors, logo usages, etc.)



(Business cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc.)


Special photo treatments

(retouching techniques, tints, filters,etc.)

Graphic design

We want all of your marketing collateral to capture the attention of your patients and prospective patients in a split second by combining an esthetic design, visuals and content that resonates.

We can help you design and create beautiful looking documents.

While ensuring there is brand consistency all throughout. From simple practice brochures to interactive PDF documents that include infographics, data charts, and key information, including:

Graphic design services that we offer




Magazine advertisements




Roll-up banners


Presentation slides

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