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We help your brand stand out by taking your business goals and merging a dedicated strategy with all things digital marketing: social, campaigns, analytics… all done with a flair for the creative.

To best achieve these results, we seek to be an extension of your marketing team. We work together to create a unified digital presence and voice with the goal to use digital marketing to increase bottom lines.

What we do


Social Media Marketing

Creating, curating, sharing and growing.


Your social channels are a direct touchpoint with your target audience. NP Marketing will dive into your current social situation starting with a Social Media Audit, the findings of which will help us create a personalized strategy and roadmap. We manage your social channels on a monthly basis creating organic posts and paid campaigns; all aligned with your business goals!

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting services are customized to fit your needs. Our starting point is data analysis and a comprehensive environmental landscape study of where your brand stands, which allows us to act as the marketing consultants, project managers, creative directors, and analytical gurus that you need on your team.

Our one-on-one sessions are great coaching opportunities that will pinpoint inefficiencies, inject creative solutions and provide strategic guidance.

Our Services
Social Media Marketing: Why Dentist Should Use it

Get Social!

The GET SOCIAL package is an affordable Social Media Marketing plan, created with new dental clinics in mind. It is the perfect balance between fully outsourcing your social marketing needs, and handling them internally. It’s designed so that the Office Manager, Owner Dentist or a member of the team, doesn’t have to spend precious time on creating social media content throughout the month, but can rather only dedicate a few hours to scheduling the content that arrives on the first of the month.

Other Creative Solutions

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Website building

The Process

Digital marketing audit

Digital marketing audit

Let’s take a look at what you’ve been doing. Is there room for improvement? Have your past actions justified the ROI?

Competitive landscape & benchmarking analysis

Competitive landscape & benchmarking analysis

While conducting our Competitive landscape & benchmarking analysis we will understand what are your competitors up to? Can we identify any gaps or opportunities? Is there a similar product/brand/company that we can learn from?

Building of a marketing strategy, detailed tactics and digital roadmap

Building of a marketing strategy, detailed tactics and digital roadmap

“The fun gets started” A marketing strategy, detailed tactics, and digital roadmap is built using the Insights from the previous 2 steps. At this step recommendations, and some clear steps are put into an action plan.



Let’s get down to business and put our plan to action

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