Telefilm Canada

Service: Marketing Consulting, audit



Digital marketing strategy, case studies, presentation


The micro-budget program launched by Telefilm Canada as a way to finance emerging Canadian talent for movies with a total budgets of $250,000 or less. The program aims to stimulate the use of new digital distribution platforms and allow emerging talent to develop an expertise in digital marketing and promotion.

In order to provide guidance to aspiring filmmakers, Telefilm Canada commissioned NP Marketing to create a series of case studies of successful projects to serve as educational tools. These case reports would allow for benchmarking and inspiration for future program applicants. They also commissioned us to create a larger report on digital marketing trends and practices in the industry, as applicable to projects that would make up the micro-budget program.

Notable deliverables

  • Digital marketing strategy guide for independent filmmakers, including:
    • Comprehensive audit of all marketing plans submitted to Telefilm Canada’s micro-budget program
    • Primary and secondary research on best practices in independent film marketing and distribution across digital channels
  • Three case studies on projects that were successful in their marketing, distribution, and audience engagement efforts, particularly in the digital realm, providing insights and recommendations
  • Presentation on digital marketing strategies and tactics for micro budget film projects

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