Centre Endodontique Saint-Laurent

Service: Marketing Consulting, audit



Social media marketing, e-newsletters, blogging, new channel launch


The Centre Endodontique Saint-Laurent opened its doors in 2016 with a brand new clinic located in Ville Saint-Laurent. It is led by a dynamic young Endodontist who is already involved in professional development as a subject matter expert in endodontics.

As a young and emerging practice, the Centre Endodontique Saint-Laurent commissioned NP Marketing to build general brand awareness on social media and target dentists with an extensive D2D (doctor-to-doctor) campaign that would increase referrals from local general dentists.

Notable deliverables

  • Social media marketing plan and roadmap to build the brand’s reputation and digital footprint
  • Implementation of the social media marketing plan with monthly reports measuring campaigns and tactics
  • Launch of the brand on a new channel (Instagram)
  • Launch of blog and e-newsletter campaign focused on case studies targeting potential referring dentists
  • Creation of new creative assets, particularly in photos and videos
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